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Your name is DUBU, or rather, ANNIE. You are not a very INTERESTING PERSON but you get rather interesting DREAMS. You like to play VIDEO GAMES and read MANGA in your free time, BEING MAYOR in your new ANIMAL CROSSING town, and LISTENING TO MUSIC in various languages. Actually, there are a lot of things you like, but it takes WAY TOO LONG to list them all because you are a RIDICULOUS PERSON and LOVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE.

♠ ELF (+15) ♠ Shawol ♠ Inspirit ♠ Dalmate ♠ BANA ♠ A+ ♠ MVP ♠ Blinger ♠ Locket ♠ Taemint ♠ Flamer ♠

( `ㅂ´ ) ㅅ (ㅎㅅㅎ) ㅅ ( ^▽^ ) ㅅ ( ^ ^;;) ㅅ (ㅍ_ㅍ)

Your one loves are SHINee, Super Junior, Dalmatian, B1A4, MBLAQ, Lee Jinki (Onew), Henry Lau, Cho Kyuhyun, Park Jisu, Jung Jinyoung, Park Cheondung, and Lee Joon.

Your favorite video games of all time are the PERSONA series, KINGDOM HEARTS series, and LEGEND OF ZELDA series.

(My chumhandle is curbedContinuance, come pester me!)

Lucina Partis will forever be in my heart as the greatest teacher and friend in my life.

What do you want to know?   You want to give me things? Really?!
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Anonymous asked: 1, 10, 11, 18~

Okay, hmm…

1. the meaning behind my URL. well, that’s easy enough. the ‘lala’ part is because I love singing, and I’m just naturally a very spacy/whimsical person so hum randomely sometimes. the ‘dubulove’ part is because, well, do you know SHINee, anon? ‘dubu’ is a nickname for Onew, the leader of SHINee, and basically, he’s my favorite celebrity in the world. he’s so adorable~! also, i’m very clumsy like him.

10. biggest turn on/s. um…? i dunno, i’m not a very sexual person. i don’t really want a relationship like that right now, either, so i don’t really have any idea. :/ sorry about that…

11. age. should i even answer this..? okay, well. um, i’m 16 currently, but very mature for my age, and i’ve already seen/read a lot of inappropriate (in more than one way) stuff, which really, you should expect for kids my age. so, i could say mentally, i’m almost, like, in my 50s or something, i know a lot of really horrible things about the world. you could tell me a lot of things about war and animal cruelty and torture and sex and things like that and maybe i’d be disgusted, but not shocked or horrified. and that kind of makes me feel old, because i don’t really have any of that childlike innocence left, even though it may look like it.

18. phobia. hmm. i have nyctophobia, a fear of the dark, and always have. i also have problems sleeping, so when i’m awake at midnight because i can’t sleep, it’s very scary. because of Kingdom Hearts, i used to think there were heartless and other creepy things hiding in the shadows, and so i’d run past dark hallways and doorways as fast as i could, even in my own house. sometimes i’d feel like everything was growing bigger and swallowing me up when it was too dark. i couldn’t leave my closet open at night because the black hole it had when there were no lights on was too freaky. things like that. it’s gotten better, mostly because i can see better in the dark now than i could when i was a kid, and there are also faint blue lights coming from a server and a radio/cd player in my and my twin’s room. the fact that our bed is now also 5 feet above the ground also helps, since i can’t see the closet when it’s open anymore.

Random Fact #8, 9, 10, 11, & 12

Well, since I skipped so many days, the weekend because I was out snowboarding, and yesterday because I was scrolling through, like, a hundred pages of tumblr. So. Here are five facts since I promised one for each day.

#8: I really like to draw. I’ve been getting kind of out of practice, but I used to be pretty good at it. I’m not saying I could draw, like, the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen before, but I could try pretty damn hard. I was especially good at copying things. Give me a picture, and I could give you a pretty decent line-art of it in less than a day, if it wasn’t too complicated. Another few days to color it. I always wanted to learn how to animate or draw comics or something, too, because whenever I read a particularly good story I’d want to draw it. I still do, for some things I read nowadays. Maybe I’ll actually try it one day. You all will get first glimpse, I guess.

#9: I have a whole bunch of fandoms. I am, like, a really big otaku, too, though I guess I can be pretty good at not showing it. I like things like Naruto and One Piece, and all sorts of CLAMP stuff. I couldn’t even tell you all of them. And then there are the other fandoms, like Harry Potter, Homestuck, Fusion Fall, anything Disney… The list could go on and on for all the things I like to watch and look at. It’s all very time consuming and confusing to keep track of.

#10: I always wanted a bunk bed. Or at least a bed in the air. A hammock, for example, would be awesome. Right now I have a loft bed, which is totally awesome. I love it, except you can’t move a whole lot up there because then it shakes a whole lot, like crazy. Very dangerous.

#11: This is totally random, but I hate wearing socks. As a kid I would get yelled at every day because my parents didn’t like it when we didn’t wear socks in the house because apparently their reasoning is that it’s easier to clean sweat out of socks than it is the carpet, which I agree with, but what’s the harm of not wearing socks if they’re not sweating? I usually didn’t wear socks even when it was cold, so you know. It seemed kind of pointless to me then, and I didn’t like how restricting they felt, like my feet couldn’t breathe. It feels silly to me now.

#12: This may not be a secret to some, but I feel like I haven’t told some people or they forget or something, or maybe I just assume too much because I always assume people know this. I have a twin sister. Her name is Bethany, and she’s pretty amazing. It’s maybe kind of ridiculous how close we are, because we basically have shared everything since we were born. Friends, clothes, books, toys, phones, everything and anything you can name. She’s always been there for me, even when we argue, because those never last long. Arguments, I mean. It always seems like we can never keep our anger. I’ll be utterly upset with her over something she wouldn’t give me or tell me, but then a few minutes later I’d forget or feel guilty or anything and then I’d just stop being angry. It’s the same with her. Dunno why that is, but it’s great that we’ve never had gigantic arguments over stuff and don’t speak to each other for days like other siblings. But it may have contributed to my social anxiety, because since I always have someone to talk to, I never reach out to others and get nervous when around other people.

Random Fact #7

It’s been a week since I started this! Wow!

Okay, so today’s fact is:

I have never worn my hair in pigtails before today. I’ve worn my hair in a ponytail many times before, but I always hated how I looked whenever I put my hair up, so I almost never did. I like how my hair looks in pigtails, though, and it helps that my hair is curly now. Apparently I look cute, so I’m going to do this more often.

Haha, that was a lame fact. I’ll tell you a better one tomorrow!

Random Fact #5 & 6

Whoops. I forgot yesterday’s. So here’s two new ones.

I really love photography. My dad owns, like, five digital cameras, and had a few old ones that used film. We still have negatives and prints from a really, really long time ago. He’s soooo good at it, and we have a whole bunch of his pictures enlarged and hung around the house. He’s offered to teach me, but I’m not very good at it, even though I love it. :’<

I play the cello in my school orchestra. I used to have a private teacher, too, but I stopped for a while, for a ‘break’ and haven’t gone back yet. Piano was the first instrument I ever played, and recorder in school. I also learned how to play violin, and my twin sister and I played a song together on the same violin for a school concert. I bowed and she fingered the notes for the first half of the song, and we switched at the eight-measure rest in the middle of the song. It was pretty epic, I have to say. There are so many instruments I still want to learn, though, like guitar and flute and such, and I want to re-learn to play piano again (I quit before entering middle school).

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Random Fact #4

It may already be obvious, but I love playing video games. I’ve had a PS2 since I was in elementary, and Kingdom Hearts has been my very favorite series ever since it first came out. I like a lot of games from Squeenix, especially the KH series and The World Ends With You, which is also an amazing game. A lot of games I play are from Japan, which really makes me want to move there and learn Japanese just so I won’t be hit with this much anxiety when a new amazing game comes out that I really want to play but comes out in, like, two years for America. Yeah. My other favorite game series-es are the Legend of Zelda series, just for the puzzles and the storyline and the sheer amazingness; the Super Smash Bros series, because it’s just fun to play with your friends, and with characters that pretty much everyone knows; and the Persona series, because they are pretty amazing, too. Every single plot of a Persona game is really complex, and there are so many different things you can do in them, and there are different endings! It’s the first game I’ve ever played with a different ending rather than ‘game over’ or ‘you win!’.

Random Fact #3

I have really sensitive skin. No kidding. If I wear jewelry, it will give me rashes in hours, unless it’s at least 80% gold or so. It’s really annoying and expensive. And I miss out on so many pretty necklaces. ;~;

Random Fact #2

I love to read fantasy books; they’re practically the only books I read. No matter what kind, as long as it’s fantasy. I can read them so fast, a thousand page book could be finished in about three days if I have the time and it’s interesting enough. Whenever I try to read biographies or history books, even if it’s a biography on one of my favorite authors (e.g. J. K. Rowling), even if it’s less than 50 pages, I’ll get so frustrated and bored with it that I’ll just stop reading it before I’m done.

Random Fact #1!

So. I’ve started a kind of project thing. It’s where I post little facts on my tumblr so that my friends can get to know me better while I get to know them better, too. I dunno, I guess I’m more open on the internet. I just have this thing where when I try to say something really personal in real life I just clam up most of the time.

So. Here’s the first fact:

As you may have already been able to tell, I have a mild (maybe bordering on severe) case of social anxiety. It may be because of biological reasons, but anyway. It’s kind of a problem because it affects my public speaking, as in whenever I talk in class, for no reason I get really quiet. Or at least, I used to. Now I just get super nervous and stuttery.