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Your name is DUBU, or rather, ANNIE. You are not a very INTERESTING PERSON but you get rather interesting DREAMS. You like to play VIDEO GAMES and read MANGA in your free time, BEING MAYOR in your new ANIMAL CROSSING town, and LISTENING TO MUSIC in various languages. Actually, there are a lot of things you like, but it takes WAY TOO LONG to list them all because you are a RIDICULOUS PERSON and LOVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE.

♠ ELF (+15) ♠ Shawol ♠ Inspirit ♠ Dalmate ♠ BANA ♠ A+ ♠ MVP ♠ Blinger ♠ Locket ♠ Taemint ♠ Flamer ♠

( `ㅂ´ ) ㅅ (ㅎㅅㅎ) ㅅ ( ^▽^ ) ㅅ ( ^ ^;;) ㅅ (ㅍ_ㅍ)

Your one loves are SHINee, Super Junior, Dalmatian, B1A4, MBLAQ, Lee Jinki (Onew), Henry Lau, Cho Kyuhyun, Park Jisu, Jung Jinyoung, Park Cheondung, and Lee Joon.

Your favorite video games of all time are the PERSONA series, KINGDOM HEARTS series, and LEGEND OF ZELDA series.

(My chumhandle is curbedContinuance, come pester me!)

Lucina Partis will forever be in my heart as the greatest teacher and friend in my life.

What do you want to know?   You want to give me things? Really?!
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Mermaid Strawhats! God bless Syb La Tortue foor making this, they’re so perfect :D

Shark Zoro! <3

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Adding this to the struggle-meals menu


Adding this to the struggle-meals menu

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Not sure it was the wisest thing to leave them to their own devices.

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king & lionheart ||| thorin & bilbo
by Kilia93

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talk to the paw


talk to the paw

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Ok so I want to do one of those things!! So if you reblogg this with a picture of you (Or you have picture of yourself on your tumblr) I’ll draw you in the homestuck style!! Like below. I’ll try to do every single one <33


(Have your submit box open also!)

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i remember going to my first con as terezi and i accidentally tumbled down the staircase RIGHT NEXT to the homestuck photoshoot

we’re talking about almost every homestuck in that con in one room that i just tripped down stairs in front of, and those




only asked me if i was okay are you kidding me you have a goldmine of jokes right there and none of you even warned me about stairs

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This was the best moment of my childhood.

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